The Rainbow Story

I was leaving my internship on Wednesday last week and I was tired and I had gotten out a little late. So it’s about 6:45 and I’m walking to my car when I see that

I got a freaking parking ticket!

And the worst thing was that it was at 6:37!

It was also my 2nd parking ticket in like 2 weeks. So I was suddenly furious. And I get in my car and I’m just fuming and I’m driving around the busy streets in Venice. And I know that I’m going to have to get into traffic for 2 hours, so I’m just allowing myself to get really, really pissed.

And I turn onto the ramp to get onto the freeway when I look ahead at the horizon and…

I see a freaking rainbow

Right on the horizon.

Right above the mountains.

And I love rainbows.

And I was filled with such immediate joy. And I was aware immediately of the way I had just been spinning myself into the feeling of being so mad.

I just started laughing. Like cracking up. Like a crazy person alone in my car. I’m pretty sure I legitimately exclaimed out loud to myself “A rainbow! Oh my god! It’s so beautiful! It’s so amazing!”

I’m afraid the traffic is doing things to my psyche. 

And I realized Selena Gomez’s “Who Says” was playing in my car and I just laughed and laughed.

Because who says your not perfect.

I certainly feel like I am.



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