Thoughts About Time

I have these thoughts that make me really happy and so I wanted to share one. 

So whenever I’m feeling like this:


I have this thought about time.

So, I know that I pretty much have no real understanding of time. I am aware that it is more than a linear progression. I’ve watched enough documentaries and Dr. Who episodes to come to that conclusion, but I’ve just never been able to really wrap my mind around what is time really.

But I have this thought. 

If you think about it, every second is being lived and experienced differently by every person on earth. So technically it’s not one second, it’s 7 billion seconds.

But then what if it was less than a second.

What if it was a moment?

What if you thought about how every moment is really billions of moments and then time becomes so much larger than just what you are experiencing.

And the whole concept of parallel universes makes more sense because it’s like different versions of the same timeline are being experienced simultaneously by each person. There are really billions of universes all existing at the same time.

And then I feel kind of small. 

But also infinite. 

And that makes me happy. Maybe not less confused, but kind of inspired.



One thought on “Thoughts About Time

  1. Katherine Pedersen says:

    What a beautiful thought — it gives vision and dimension to just one second — and it also sets a stage where we share all of time with others…Brenna — so lovely…


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