The Cliche College Spring Break (Part 1)


I spent my spring break in Mexico.

Which is ridiculously cliche.

I mean, it wasn’t Cancun. But it was damn-near close.

But when else can I live out a college stereotype with my best friend? 


A bit of explanation: 

So me and my best friend Marah (a person who is unfortunately separated from me for the majority of the year by the entire country of the United States) ended up with round trip tickets from LA and Ohio (respectively) to Cozumel, Mexico because Marah cannot say no to her parents.

Just kidding Marah. 

But we wanted to do Spring Break together and Marah’s parents wanted to do Spring Break with her. And they were going to Cozumel. So Marah and I were gonna go together early and then have our own fun break and then her family wold arrive and I would leave. So I ended up having to fly 6 hours to Mexico.

All the irony because, living in southern California, I have the means to drive probably 3 hours tops and actually be in Mexico. 

I digress. 

For those who are not blessed with the knowledge of Mexican geography, as I am not, Cozumel is an island off the Yucatan peninsula. It’s actually just a bit south of Cancun. I had actually been to this particular island once before, also with Marah and her family, whilst on a Disney cruise my senior year of high school. My only memory of it was participating in a horse tour where I was saddled with the worst horse, a unrelentingly stubborn beast named Polomo.

So, I had great expectations for this vacation. 

Let’s begin last Thursday:

When I get picked up from my apartment complex around 3pm, and begin what is to be nearly 24 hours of travelling to get to Mexico.

Because I am a procrastnator, I had to beg my lovely, dear father to help me buy tickets with his airline points, and because it was so last minute I ended up having to travel round trip from LAX.

Anyone who knows this airport and/or Los Angeles traffic can sympathize. 

So step #1: I travel for about 2 hours in a shuttle to get to the Los Angeles International Airport, through LA traffic, which is the story of my freaking life. 

And step #2: Get through security in about 20 minutes (Surprising to me), but I guess not many people fly United on a thursday afternoon.

Step #3: Wait around in the LAX airport for 2 hours, feeling stupid for skipping my 2 o’clock class to get the aforementioned 3pm shuttle ride. Have a temporary panic when I see there is no seat on my boarding pass and convince myself I will not have a place on the flight I’m waiting for. 

Step #4: Take a unisom and pass out on the 3 hour flight from LA to Houston.

Step #5: Arrive in Houston at midnight with nothing to do until your 8am flight to Cozumel besides curl up on the floor in the corner of the gate area and go to sleep.

Luckily I brought a pillow! 

Step #6: Wake up. Drag myself to Starbucks. Get on another 3 hour flight.

Step #7: Wait in the tiny Cozumel airport for 2 hours until Marah arrives.

Step #8: Reunite with Marah! (And make all the travel worth it)

Cue the Margaritas!


Just kidding. 

Because it turns out, that unless you are staying at some sort of fancy resort were there are pools and nice chairs to lay out on, then Cozumel is actually really freaking dull. 

After spending the first 24 hours of our trip sleeping. Because, come on, we just had midterms and we deserved to crash for the better part of a whole day. We were told by this guy staying at our hostel that we were at the wrong part of Mexico. 

“Do you want like beach?”


“And like bars and parties?”

“I guess.”

“Yeah, you’re in the wrong place. You should go to Playa del Carmen”

Which is the city across the bay from Cozumel.

We should’ve done more research. 

So, because we are spontaneous and adventurous travelers. We told the owner of the hostel “give us back our money! We are peace-ing out!” 

I’m exaggerating. It didn’t go down like that. We were very polite and considerate American travelers because god damn it if I’m not going to try to tear down some of the stereotypes about american tourists. (despite the whole Mexican spring break cliche)

And we got on a ferry to Playa Del Carmen! 



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