I Got A Job From Craigslist

But don’t worry it gets better

So Ashley sent me a link to this ad on craigslist for a henna artist. And i was like…well lets do this shit.

So i text him, and then he like calls me back and eventually we decide to meet at a very public Starbucks and I made sure to tell various people that I was going to this meeting and so if he kidnapped me then they would know.

But it actually was totally fine. And that was saturday and then today (sunday) I drove almost all the way to San Diego to go to an avocado festival and do henna.

For money!

Which is cool cause its something that I always do for fun.

fyi while I was typing that sentence the word ‘fun’ autocorrected to ‘tuna’ so for a short while the sentence said “always do for tuna”

And across the way from the booth was a live band that played oldies all day long. It was kind of blissed out.

And then I went home and did more lovely henna for Ashley




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