Thrift Shop Winning

So basically, the highlight of my recent life has been the fact that on Saturday Ashley and I finally made it to a thrift shop.

This was something I had been dying to do forever. 

Not because I’m obsessed with Macklemore or anything….

Cause I’m not.


I’ve been pretty much constantly busy for days now. I can tell because there’s this new guy I keep trying to hang out with and that’s just not happening…much.

And on friday I was trying to get ready to go out to my friends birthday party when I just

Fell asleep on the couch!

Woke up at 2am like


To a bunch of texts like “where u at grl?” (from my booty call. kidding)

The story was about the thrift shop Brenna! (darn it)

So we go to check out and learn that everything is 75 cents!

So I added a kimono and we are retiring tomorrow to get more deals. I got some jeans to become shorts and some swaggy tropical shirts.


I Got A Vehicle

Kari just arrived in California! 

Kari. It’s like Carrie, but with an ‘ah’ instead of an ‘ay’. And only 1 ‘r’ and an ‘i’ instead of an ‘i.e.’.

That’s an Incredibles reference. Kari is the babysitter. 

I am literally so excited. I can make it to Venice and not have to waste so much time with Enterprise.

I got the call from the guy today. He’s actually been calling me like every once in a while from the road. At one point he’s like, “I’m gonna be there on Sunday”

And I’m like, “Okay, when on Sunday?”

To which he responds, “Don’t you know you’re not supposed to ask that, little lady?”


And today he was like “You should get your breaks checked out. I like to help young people because usually women don’t know much about cars


And I responded “I think people don’t know much about cars”

Freaking gender stereotypes. 

Anyway! Kari is a homegirl. She’s been mine for like 4 years and my dad got her shipped all the way from Minnesota.

Though my sister did run her into a fire hydrant so she kind of has this very unattractive dent in the back. And also the iPod thing only plays out of half of the speakers. But no one’s perfect!

I can sing so much karaoke! 

And…let’s be honest. That’s the real reason I really wanted a car.


Current State Of The Union


This photo inspired by Bender from the Breakfast Club!

Don’t you forget about me!

Because I haven’t blogged in a while. 

(And that Bliss video doesn’t count…though you should all watch it because they same some bomb ass stuff about the Universe)

First of all, I am still having to drive into L.A. twice a week, which means I have been renting a car from the Enterprise near my apartment twice a week and they officially know me there.

But my car is getting shipped and should be here soon!

Shout out to my dad who helps me avoid being an adult.


I’m going on an arranging spree for Simply Vocale, my lovely acapella group including a mash-up I’m very proud of Burnin’ Up by Jessie J and Burnin’ Up by the Jonas Brothers.

Prompting me to go on a heavy binge-listening spree of the old Jonas Brother’s hits, and so…yes that’s one of the many adult things that are part of my life.

My mother and I are psychic. 

IMG_5146 IMG_5147

So basically when I was meditating in the morning I saw my mom and she looked sad so I gave her a hug. This is all kind of in my ‘imagination’ if you will.

But then when I told her that we figured out she was meditating at the same time too! 

And she was sad, because she was meditating about her parents or something. So it was like I knew that from far away.

I’m freaking myself out! 


I’m slacking off at school as usual. 

My store is officially closed.

I am becoming way to addicted to the Trivia Crack app.

And I’ve gone back to watching Spongebob.

I’m really committing to the maturing part of this. 

Well hey! I can buy as much wine as I want now! 


Why These Oscars Were Awesome

They performed ‘Everything Is Awesome’

Neil Patrick Harris went out in his underwear. 

And everyone seemed to really not give a fuck. 


So basically my favorite part of the Oscars is not the winners. I really don’t care. I don’t think that some crispy old white guys have the right to judge movies like this. And the best part about these Oscars was that:

Everyone there seemed to think the same! 

The general feeling I got from a lot of the celebrities is that they are totally over the whole ‘award’ scene and just down to practice their art and use this situation as a platform to preach their social justice issue which I was totally all for! meryl-reacts-to-patricia-speech-oscars-2015-gif

There was women’s wage equality, suicide, gay rights, race equality, and transparency in the media. This is awesome! 

And then Lady Gaga came out singing Sound Of Music?! Like WTF? That was incredible! She has such an amazing voice and then fucking Julie Andrews came out! 

Can I talk about John Legend and Common singing Glory?! This was the most beautiful thing ever. I have been listening to this song on repeat for the last 24 hours.

Not gonna lie…I cried a bit.


And the freaking foreign director winner who just kept talking while the music was trying to shoo him off! That was classic.

And Eddy Redmayne was so cute about his win!


He totally deserved that! And he is so cute!

I literally remember seeing him for the first time at like the 2012 Tonys. I’ve had a crush on him for forever! And I feel like people who deserve the oscar should react like that. It’s perfect. It’s on par with Ja Law from last year.

Oh and can we also talk about how Neil Patrick Harris came out in his underwear?


I feel like the Oscars used to be this revered ceremony full of respect and classiness, and now it’s kind of just a bund of celebrities hanging out, because no one really cares anymore.

It’s awesome. 

I Met A Boy At A Farmers Market

And other proof that my life is actually a sitcom.

So yesterday, I got done shooting for my newest documentary and when I got dropped off on campus I saw that the local farmers market was still going on!

And I was overly excited because I’m easily excitable but also because I don’t think I’ve been to a market since I left Southeast Asia.

So I’m walking around this market, and I’m at this stand and I go “can I have only half of a dozen eggs?”

And then a guy comes up like, “I’ll have the other half of her eggs.”

Cue movie music moment. 

Hahaha. Okay, just kidding. This isn’t Romeo and Juliet, but it’s a bit like an episode of Friends or something. Actually more like Broad City. Or Two Broke Girls.

Anyway I end up walking around this market with this guy who recognized me from our documentary class. He warns me that he really likes food, to which I enthusiastically agreed.

No but he really likes food. 

This kid had the whole market on lock down. I got free homemade pasta because he knows the pasta guy.

And he knew the yoghurt guy.

And he knew the vegetable guy! (The veggie guy is the one who gave me the optimist creed paper that I mentioned earlier)

We’re at the veggie stand and the veggie man goes “How long have you two been–”

And I’m like “We literally just met. We just became friends like 10 minutes ago.”

Cue the veggie man says “So what are you waiting for man? Are you going to ask her to dinner?”


And the boy is like “Well, I was getting there.”

Veggie man: “Well, you gotta lock this one down.”

He was even like “I see marriage”

So he got my number, obviously so we can plan our wedding. And the veggie man will be the best man. We’re thinking a beach wedding.

Keep you posted on those wedding updates!